Frequently Asked Questions about OSCAR EMR

Why is OSCAR EMR free?
OSCAR is Open Source Software, which is freely distributed software that can be fully customized to suit your business, and it's a great alternative to conventional commercial software. The no-cost, or low-cost, open source approach is intended to enlist a critical mass of health care users and developers, to use and enhance the OSCAR system on a ongoing basis.

How much will an OSCAR installation cost?
Oscar is developed using open-source tools which are free of royalties, so there is no purchase cost, no licensing fees, no update/upgrade fees, no user fees, etc. Users only pay for their own clinic's computer equipment, desired customizations, and the support they need.

What are the hardware requirements for OSCAR EMR?
Because OSCAR EMR is a secure web-browser based system, all you need is a computer and internet access. If you already have Windows or Mac computers, internet, a printer, and a scanner, you are ready for OSCAR! To get the most out of your OSCAR EMR system, it is recommended that there be a basic computer terminal in each examination room. A portable tablet device, such as an iPad or Samsung Galaxy, is an ideal and cost-effective way to make patient notes and prescriptions, from anywhere in your practice!

OSCAR is a web application? What does that mean? Are my records safe?
OSCAR EMR is a program that runs on a web server, and is accessed through a secure web page, on your network, or over the internet. An OSCAR server uses the same secure web technology that the banks and credit card companies use. Your OSCAR installation is completely safe from hackers and viruses, and can be hosted in our world-class facility, designed to survive disasters of all kinds with no interruptions of service by incorporating multiple diesel generators, and a 5000 sq. ft. battery room. All of your data is automatically backed-up every day. Best of all, you can safely access your charts from anywhere you have internet access: from home, at the hospital, and on your smartphone!

Do I need to purchase server equipment to run OSCAR in my office?
No. Some users purchase internet servers for their practice to host OSCAR EMR themselves, but we recommend letting us host your OSCAR installation, which will save you money on the purchase of server equipment, on IT professionals to maintain your servers, and on future hardware upgrade costs. Not only that, our secure servers are safe from floods, fire, and theft, and are guaranteed to be running 99.9% of the time. But every client has unique needs, so please contact us and we will be glad to make recommendations for your practice.

Is there a demo? Can I try it out before I buy it?

Yes, please click here to access our demonstration OSCAR server. Feel free to click around and play with all the features!

OSCAR Testimonials:

Read what others are saying about OSCAR EMR (from OscarCanada.org)

“Over the last 9 years I have had personal experience with three different electronic medical records. There is no question in my mind about which provides the best options for a family practice office... Given that software is free and service charges are much less (than commercial EMR systems), OSCAR provides ongoing savings for those who are committed to an EMR... Finally OSCAR is built on a community of practice: physicians across the country sharing a common goal... This is a model for the electronic age and OSCAR should be considered by any family physician looking to an electronic health record, and a new way to practice.”

- Dr. Susan Harris, Past Head of Family Practice at BC Children's & Women's Hospital, BC Family Physician & Woman of the Year 2008

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